Fire safety - Advise, Protocols, Supply, Projects

Fire Extinguishers

1) ABC fire extinguishers 

2) CO2 fire extinguishers

3) Dry Chemical powder fire extinguishers

The prices would be determined on the capacity chosen by the consumer.

Fire Alarm System:

The system which helps in detecting the fire occurrence and alerts the responsible individual to put it off.


1) Fire alarm panel

2) Smoke detector

3) Emergency break glass unit

Fire Safety Signage Boards:

During the fire emergency, people tend to panic and wander for safety, but during an emergency fleeing of in a framed manner would help in rescuing them.

Signage boards directs the crowd in the malls, employees in the office, individuals at a residence.

Fire Safety Mockdrill

The protocol which is followed to train the individuals participating in this event to evacuate in an uniformly manner, operate extinguishers at the emergency and putting out the fire.

The session would be charged on the basis of number of participants or the duration of the training.